Next 3 coldwaves in Midwest and Northeast with peaks around 24. November and 1. and 6. December

Temperatures in northern parts of Northeast and in Great Lakes region in the USA dropped into interval -10/-15°C / 14/5°F during last coldave and next cold surprises are prepared for the region.

Other regions such as West, North, Central or South of USA will be experienced only with weaker cold spells and main region, which hit 3 incoming cold blasts are situated again in Midwest and Northeast.

These 3 cold spells will arrive around 24. November, 1. December and 6.-7. December, with temperatures in 850 hPa during its peaks below -5°C, during the second, strongest cold Arctic blast under -10°C in northern Midwest and Northeast, with possible snowy, icy and very cold conditions.

In West should make problems mainly Santa Ana winds, which should make worse regional wildfires.

South stays most of time in warm and dry air thanks to La-nina.

Canada will be all under the snow, but in the USA, main snowy regions will be limited to Northwest, Rocky Mountains, North and mentioned northern parts of Midwest and Northeast.

It preliminary appears, that warmer and drier conditions should stay above southern half of the USA until the Christmas, while northern parts will be in serious risk of snowy and icy coldwaves. Forecast for Christmas for the USA and Canada will be updated on Mkweather during the first December 2020 decade.

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T850 hPa and T850 hPa anomaly /,

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