Nile river with the highest levels in over 100 years (since records began), threatens ancient pyramids

The authorities in Sudan are trying to protect the country’s ancient pyramids from flooding. Severe storms and heavy rains caused along River Nile severe floods and mainly region of Blue Nile has reached recorded levels.

At least 110 people have died and over 100 000 homes were seriously damaged or destroyed as the Nile River rises to levels not seen in over a century. The most of recorded deaths have been caused by drowning, mudslides and buildings collapsing.

On the island of Tuti, where the Blue Nile and White Nile meet to form the main Nile, water levels reached 17.57 m (57.6 feet) last week – the highest since records began more than 100 years ago according to /

BBC has carried a news, that ancient pyramids in Sudan, more than 2300 years old, are threaten by Nile river /

Severe storms and floods are worrying many parts of equatorial and subequatorial Africa during last weeks and months /

Photo and video gallery of floods in Sudan and predicted precipitation amounts until 27. September 2020 /;;


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