Pakistani mountains under tonnes of snow

If we didn´t write to the title, that photo is from Pakistan, you maybe wouldn´t guess, that this snow landscape is from hot Pakistan.

Yes, in the territory of Pakistan are really high mountains, too, with one of the highest peaks in the world.

The highest peak of Pakistan, K2, in Karakoram is elevated in 8611 MASL, next extremely high peaks are in Hindukush, up to 8126 MASL (Nanga Parbat).

Not so highly, but around 3000 MASL, in populated areas in provinces of northern Pakistan, is currently extremely snowy and the first serious winter coldwave is bringing extremely high snowfall.

Next photos are from province Swat, northern Pakistan (Hindukush mountains), from relative densely populated valleys.

Lot of snowfall now report wide region from mountains in Central Asia through Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and southwestern China / Tibet.

Despite of winter dry monsoon, rain showers have appeared too in northern and northwestern India during the first half of November 2020.

Europe, Canada, Russia or even Arctic should not be ashamed of a snow cover like this, what do you think?

Infographics: Jurnal de Vreme FB

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