Palermo +29,5°C, North Macedonia +23,6°C, Hungary +18,1°C and Austria +17,6°C before a Siberian blast

Before a Siberian winter, southern parts of Europe this week have experienced with extremely warm winter weather.

The hottest was in Palermo, Sicily, +29,5°C – only 0,1°C from all-time Italian temperature record in February from the year 1977.

Airport Punta Raisi had a tropical night with minimum temperature +21,0°C.

Similar heatwave in southern Europe appeared before extreme Siberian blast in January 2021, too /;

Last days, extremely warm air shifted more to the north – in North Macedonia was measured +23,6°C, in Hungary +18,1°C or in Austria +17,6°C. In North Macedonia it is the highest temperature in the first February decade in history, in Hungary and Austria, temperature records for this period moving above +20°C.

Meanwhile, in Poland on Friday, 5. February 2021 has started extreme Siberian codlwave / and extreme outputs for the next weekend have appeared /;

Upcoming Siberian frosts probably will be stronger than in January, when -39,6°C was measured in northern Italy /, -34,1°C / -35,8°C in the Spain / or -29,7°C in Poland /

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