Remnants of Theta brings some landfall to Portugal, Spain and the UK

According to Sunday´s outputs of meteorological models, remnants of tropical storm Theta still should bring landfall in northwestern Iberia and the UK.

Although, cold front, which will arrive after remnants of a tropical storm will be much more stronger, Theta will be the next post-tropical storm in Europe in 2020, which bring significant precipitation above European lands.

Remnants of Theta arrives to Portugal and Spain on Tuesday, 17. November 2020 and hit Porto, Braga, Vigo and La Coruna region.

Then, at night from Tuesday to Wednesday, 17.-18. November 2020, these storm cells will quickly shift over eastern England and Wales, mainly in Bristol and Cardiff region.

Last remnants of the Theta will be even detectable over Scandinavia during Wednesday.

Cold front, which will arrive shortly after remnants, will bring heavy rains and strong winds to northwestern Europe and south of Alps, a Mediterranean system will arise on its southern edge /

After Theta, is not probable that next tropical storm will appear in European sector of Atlantic in November or December 2020, but maybe extremely strong Atlantic hurricane season 2020 will surprise again.


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