Severe storms in SE Australia at the weekend

About possibility of extreme storms in southeastern Australia has informed Accuweather.

Powerful cold front hits mainly coast of South Australia, Victoria, south of New South Wales and finally Tasmania.

Before a cold front temperature anomalies in 850 hPa above +10°C will bring hot weather on Friday, 4. December, but after cold front Sunday, anomalies drop below -10°C.

That means drop of temperatures of 15 – 20°C regionally.

Severe storms should be accompanied by heavy rainfall, flash floods, strong lighting and wind gusts up to 130 km/h.

Until 20. December 2020, severe storms in northern and eastern coast are expected, in the north with accumulative rainfall totals (16 days) above 1 000 mm. From storms in Southeast should drop regionally more than 100 mm of rain for very short time.

Information about Summer 2020/2021 forecast for Australia, New Zealand and Oceania you will find here /;;

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