Snow calamity in large parts of Germany, Poland, the Alps, Carpathians, Dinar Mountains, eastern Europe and Scandinavia forecasted!

Severe blizzard in large parts of Europe! Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Czechia and mountanous countries in Europe should be prepared for heavy snowfall. Snow calamity will arrive gradually during next 2-3 weeks in several waves.

After extreme snowfall events in the Spain and the UK /;; and series of aggressive GFS outputs, which expect historic winter conditions across Europe /;;; there are another extreme forecast outputs – with snow calamity in many parts of continental (and too eastern and northern) Europe!

Already on Friday, Mkweather noticed, that extremely cold air from Siberian will shift directly above Europe during next weeks /, with hard cyclonic, extremely cold and snowy conditions mainly in central parts of the continent, after which, anomalous Siberian blast is expected to occur.

The worst situation should bother southern and central Germany, with 20 – 60, in basins and valleys below 800 MASL in mountainous regions, with more than 1 meter of snow!

Heavy snowfall is forecasted in Poland – not only in Carpathians, but too in northern and central parts should fall 15 – 30, rarely up to 50 cm of snow.

Mountainous densely populated basins in the Alps, Carpathians or Dinar Mountains should be prepared for extreme snowfall 30 – 70, regionally 1 – 2 meters of fresh snow.

50 – 100 cm snow is possible in eastern Ukraine, southern and eastern Sweden, southern Finland and SW Norway.

South-central Russia and Sankt Petersburg should be prepared for really hard winter conditions with 30 – 70, rarely 1 meter of snow.

Extreme snowfall is too expected in eastern France, southern Belgium (Ardennes) and Scotland.

Meanwhile, in Spain, until the end of the weekend, 30 – 70, rarely up to 1 meter of snow is expected in low situated regions 200 – 800 MASL in central and eastern parts of Iberian Peninsula.

As we mentioned before, after all-time national record in Spain (-34,1°C) / it should be count with extreme frosts below -30°C in all mountainous countries in Europe. In central parts of a continent, frosts below -30°C are still forecasted for low situated and densely populated basins and valleys.


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