Aggressive GFS outputs are back! All Siberian air will shift above Europe!

In series of last articles, Mkweather has watched anomalous SSW (Sudden Stratospheric Warming) across Northern Hemisphere – one of the most bizarre, or absolutely TOP bizarre from all SSW-s, with extreme high Siberian high (1094,3 hPa) and extremely low (extratropical) Aleutian low (921 hPa) – both the newest planetary records /;

Immediately after a creation of historic blocking situation, all-time and very old temperature records have started to fall across all Northern Hemisphere in Oymyakon /, China / Beijing /, Japan /, Canada / or Spain / Moreover, regional snowfall records have been overcame.

Moreover, forecasts for upcoming weeks are even colder and a peak of Winter 2020/2021 will be very, very freezing. Day after day are confirming aggressive GFS outputs and Mkweather is therefore warning before extreme Siberian frosts in Europe already longer time.

Outputs from 8. January 2021, 12Z, are however one from the coldest, together with /;

If -34,1°C was measured in Spain last days / (a new all-time national record), frosts below -30°C shouldn´t surprise any mountainous country in Europe next 2 weeks, moreover, there will be parts of the continent, with possibility of even stronger frosts.

If “scandalous” GFS outputs with -25°C outputed values for Central Europe will return, it should mean, that frosts will be closer to -35°C such as -30°C in the coldest Poles of Cold.

In Scandinavia, most probable variant is with +/- -45°C, but frosts up to -50°C should surprise Lapland in this extreme circulation pattern. All extreme Siberian air namely will shift over eastern and northern Europe and Europe will become a center of extreme frosts in Northern Hemisphere for a time!

In European Russia, frosts below -50°C are possible and this Siberian blast will be in many parts of the continent one of the strongest blasts minimally after 2000, regionally with 50-, 100-year and all-time temperature records, even (the strongest cold blast ever!)

Situation is developing very favorable for absolutely surprising winter conditions across Europe and Mkweather will be bringing fresh updates of expected severe conditions and gradually, a new temperature records from Europe, during next 3 weeks.

Mkweather estimates of the national absolute lowest temperature in January 2021 during historic Siberian cold blast.


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