South Africa expect 10-day lasting coldwave, Cape Town +3,2°C (2,2°C above all-time cold record), and floods

While in Northern Hemisphere we are experiencing extremely strong heatwaves, in South Africa is Winter 2021 in full power.

After several cold fronts hit South Africa in late June and early July 2021 /, floods and cold mornings arrived really to Cape Town.

Parts of the city were flooded before a few days and the minimum temperature dropped to +3,2°C - if we compare this temperature with all-time records, it is only 2,2°C above the all-time cold record for the city, +1,0°C (the lowest temperature in Cape Town ever:

Moreover, South Africa, such as Namibia, Botswana, and parts of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, expect in the following period a long-lasting and record-breaking coldwave, between a 13. - 22. July 2021.

Coldwave should bring extreme low temperatures, in populated basins in South Africa around 1500 MASL below -10°C, frosts should appear in lower situated regions, too and regionally it should appear snowing, mainly in Drakensberg Mountains.

Only in one of the last articles, we informed about cold conditions in Zimbabwe and Kenya / - parts of East Africa are in Winter 2021 hit by strong coldwaves, too.

While Summer 2021 in Northern Hemisphere is very hot, Winter 2021 in Southern Hemisphere is very cold, with result of increased contrast between both hemispheres /


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