Alice Springs, Australia with a 5-day period of frosts, Sydney the coldest July day since 2011 and Perth with floods

Not only South Africa /, but Australia, too, is experiencing cold winter conditions.

In Perisher Valley, Australian Alps, the temperature dropped to -10,0°C on Wednesday, 7. July 2021, what is the first -10°C across the continent in WInter 2021.

Frosts appeared far in the continental areas, in deserts in central Australia. E.g. Alice Springs reported between 3.-7. July 2021 rare frosts and 5 days of consecutive frost days, with minimum -1,9°C on 6. July 2021. It´s only 5,6°C from the all-time cold record for the station.

In Sydney, very cold days appeared during the Antarctic blob on Friday and Saturday, 9.-10. July 2021. On Friday, 10. July, the maximum temperature in the city reached +12,1°C, which is the lowest maximum temperature at the station in July in 10 years! (since 2011),

Far away, in Western-Australian Perth, a powerful windstorm with heavy rain has appeared on Friday, 9. July 2021 and the city ended completely flooded.

Winter 2021 is bringing cold temperature anomalies across all Southern Hemisphere (a crucial role plays extremely cold Antarctica:, while Northern Hemisphere reports the next abnormal heatwave and a new modern all-time world temperature record /

Colder and wetter conditions in Australia are strongly associated with ongoing La nina.

The next coldwave for Australia is prepared already around the period 15.-17. July 2021.

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