The strongest heatwave in Europe is expected on 12.-17. June, hopes for +36°C in central parts are still alive

While at the start of June, western Europe and western part of central Europe hit milder heatwave, with expected temperatures on Thursday and Friday, 3.-4. June up to +30°C, for the next extreme heatwave we will wait a long week - until 12. June 2021.

Although, summer days will be between 5.-11. June 2021 still possible, cold front will interrupt hot air advection above continental parts of Europe.

Hopes for extremely hot weather are however still alive for the period 12.-17. June 2021, when GFS still sees +33°C above Germany, what means, that locally it should be measured up to +36°C!

While cold front will bring severe rains and storms into western and later central, southern, southeastern and eastern Europe between 5.-11. June, in western Europe will appear summer days already all next workweek, from Monday to Friday, 7.-11. June, while cold front will be brining colder weather mainly above eastern half of Europe, later.

Powerful should be preliminary cold front, which will end supertropical heatwave around 17. June 2021, with developed frontal line, hailstorms, flash floods, damaging winds or lighting. After this cold front, extremely cold air should arrive above NW Europe, again, only 0/-5°C in 850 hPa!

This heatwave, +42°C in the Spain and Portugal and +40°C in Italy should bring little earlier such it comes into continental Europe and +32°C in southern Scandinavia or England is possible, too.

Balkan peninsula is waiting very stormy period until 18. June 2021, it should be relatively warm later, but with persisting storms and possible flash floods. The closest days will be in Balkan still very cold.

It´s long 8 days until 12. June 2021, therefore, a big heatwave is needed to watch minimally several days, yet, while forecasts will be confirmed. Updates of forecasts will be available on Mkweather soon.

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Heatwave, 12.-17. June 2021:

5.-11. June 2021:

After powerful heatwave:


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