Theta should intensify into Category 1 hurricane before it hits Europe!

While later stormtrack of the system is open, with possibilities of Spain, Portugal, France, the UK or Ireland, next interesting outputs of forecasting tools are in the world.

Few of runs meteorological models expect, that Theta intensifies to a Category 1 hurricane during next 120 hours / 5 days = until Saturday or Sunday, 14.-15. November 2020.

Later such a tropical storm, or maybe still such as a hurricane, what is in Europe extremely rare, it brings landfall and winds with still high probability to northern Iberia (Spain, Portugal), Bay of Biskay region in France and England. forecasting tool predicts, that Theta should intensify second time, when it will come closer to northwestern Iberian Peninsula after little break of intensification between Azores and Canary Islands.

After tropical storm Alpha, hurricane Epsilon and tropical storm Zeta it will be 4th tropical threat of Atlantic hurricane season in Europe in autumn 2020.

Mkweather will update forecast for Theta soon, immediately it will be more clear, which regions of Europe will be threaten the most.

Infographics:,, NOAA:

Subtropical Storm Alpha shortly after designation, 18.9.2020/
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