Tornado in Czechia has the 6th victim, only 2-year baby

On Thursday, 24. June 2021 swept through the border area of South Moravia (with Austria and Slovakia) deadly EF3+ tornado.

Immediately day after a devastating accident, which destroyed 7 Moravian villages and injured 216 people, the first information about the death toll appeared.

There were reported 5 dead, including pregnant woman, but at the weekend it has shown, that this number isn´t complete. /;

Officials confirmed the 6th victim of a natural disaster (only 2-year baby) which is more than 5 after a deadly tornado in Ukraine in 2001 /link above/.

In Ukraine in 2001, more than 400, in Czechia in 2021, around 600 homes were damaged.

Therefore, the tornado in Hodonín and Břeclav region has become the deadliest and most devastating tornado in Europe after 2000.

Estimated damages have reached more than was initially expected and have climbed to 15 billion crowns (more than 0,5 billion dollars).

Currently, many professionals and volunteers are working is working to repair the damage, however, officials have warned, that region is crowded by people, and masses of volunteers will be welcome only later because the terrain is still very dangerous (e.g. escaping gas, the presence of hazardous substances, unstable buildings...).

The terrifying testimonies of people buried in homes and survivors of the disaster also began to be published.

People must pull the buried family members out of ruins, some cars were flying more than 100 meters, roofs were found hundreds of meters from houses, there were stuck bricks in the walls.

Everything from wood was taken away, windows were broken by wind gusts up to 240-320 km/h.

According to survived people, the worst leat only from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Only so little time least to inhabitants lost everything.

Similarly, such as historic June 2021 heatwaves, with many national and regional all-time temperature records /see our homepage or archive from June 2021/, extreme storms which were altered the heatwave will be historic, too and have overwritten the worst European statistics.

It is possible, that climate change will bring more events such as this - mainly lowlands in continental Europe haven´t to be protected from tornadoes anymore (in mountainous areas are tornadoes very rare), therefore if you live in a potential hit area, it´s a time to look at insurance and good advice from the statics of houses, for better preparedness.

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