Deadliest tornado (EF3-4) in Europe in 20 years! Czechia after natural disaster + Footages day after

South Moravia, Hodonín and Břeclav region were destroyed by an EF3 - EF4 tornado on Thursday evening, (June 24, around 17:40 UTC) /Czechia hit EF3 tornado, 5 dead, 200 injured, 7 villages destroyed! If is something apocalyptic, so scenes captured from hit areas – it was the strongest tornado in Czechia in all-time history! | mkweather/.

A strong tornado hit at least seven South Moravian villages. In some, for example in the village of Hrušky in the Břeclav region, the tornado destroyed half of the village. Probably the most affected village was Lužice.

On Friday, 25. June, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš asked the leadership of the European Union for help for the region of South Moravia affected by storms and tornadoes.

EF3 tornado should be accompanied by wind gusts 220 - 265 km/h. Some sources are even telling about EF4 level possibility with wind gusts 267 - 322 km/h.

According to the Severe Weather Europe portal, the tornado in the Czech Republic was the strongest and deadliest tornado event in Europe since June 11, 2001. At that time, a windstorm in Ukraine destroyed 440 homes and killed five people.

A death toll has reached 5 killed already in the next day, on Friday, 25. June 2021. Next, around ten patients should be in serious condition.

216 people have injured, 153 of them is still in hospitals in wider region.

Firefighters, who recorded hundreds of events with overwhelmed people, declared a third-degree event in the districts of Břeclav and Hodonín and warned residents not to take to the streets.

The natural disaster has destroyed hundreds of houses, the damage is climbing to hundreds of millions of crowns.

Statics determined 61 houses to be destroyed.

The Fire and Rescue Corps of the South Moravian Region has declared the highest level of alarm, the surrounding states are also helping.

After the storms, there were 121,000 households in the Czech Republic without electricity.

A similar tornado hit Vienna on 10. July 2017, fortunately, without bigger damages /(4) Tornado near Vienna-Schwechat airport, Austria on July 10, 2017 - YouTube/, however, with only EF1 power.

It appears, that the Vienna Basin region in Czechia, Austria, and Slovakia offers very good conditions for tornado development during an abnormal synoptic situation, such as is the current situation in Europe.

Before the arrival of an extreme cold front with T-storms, all-time June records were measured in many countries and metropolitan cities across Europe /All-time June records in Malta, +41,3°C, Gudja and Stromboli, Italy, +37,7°C! | mkweatherSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: +38,3! Old June record +35,9°C was destroyed! Srebrenica with severe hailstorm! | mkweatherSerbia +39,9°C, Belgrade +38,7°C – the hottest June day in the city ever! | mkweatherMontenegro +40,3°C, all-time June record! North Macedonia +41,1°C, Albania +40,0°C! | mkweatherHungary: +40,0°C the first time in June! All-time June national record! | mkweatherSlovakia +38,0°C, only 0,2°C below all-time national June record! | mkweatherSweden: The hottest June day since 1947, +34,6°C! | mkweatherFinland +33,6°C, 0,2°C below June all-time record, Tampere +33,2°C – the highest measured temperature in history! | mkweatherEstonia +35,2°C! National June record was destroyed! | mkweatherBelarus +37,1°C! Heatwave is historic | mkweatherSaharan air in Russia! +35,9°C in St. Petersburg and +34,8°C in Moscow! All-time June records! | mkweatherSt. Petersburg with a supertropical night! Temperature didn´t drop below +25,0°C! | mkweather+36,1°C in Slubice, Poland! Germany +36,9°C and 5 days above +35°C! | mkweather+46,0°C in Caltagirone, Italy (!!!) Dangerous, anomalous and deadly heatwave is peaking! Even stronger heatwave next week! | mkweather/ and anomalously hot Sahara was observed /Tunisia +47,9°C, only 0,4°C below all-time June record! | mkweather+52,4°C in Algeria! The first official European +50°C is possible! | mkweather/. In Italy, temperatures reached +46°C and many national temperature records have fallen in Central Mediterranean, Balkan, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, the Baltic region, and Scandinavia.

After the heatwave, extremely strong storms with tornadoes, 10 cm hailstorms, 140 km/h winds, and floods were shifting above Europe during last days /Czechia hit EF3 tornado, 5 dead, 200 injured, 7 villages destroyed! If is something apocalyptic, so scenes captured from hit areas – it was the strongest tornado in Czechia in all-time history! | mkweatherBelgium hit EF2 tornado with a twin: 17 injured, 92 buildings damaged | mkweatherFrance: tornado ripped off a church bell | mkweather10 cm hailstorms are shifting to Germany, CZ, CH, AU, DK, SE and N IT from France, PT, ES, BE, NL, LU! | mkweatherBreaking! Trough Europe are shifting extreme storms! Floods, large hails, gusting winds and damaging lighting! | mkweather/.

After cold front, extreme cooldown is coming - from Scotland and England, severe summer frosts are reported /The coldest June times in the UK in 30 years! Scotland -3,3°C, England -1,4°C! Only 2,3°C from all-time June national record! | mkweather/.

Similar tornado with EF2 intensity appeared previous weekend in Belgium, where around 90 buildings were damaged and 17 people were injured /Belgium hit EF2 tornado with a twin: 17 injured, 92 buildings damaged | mkweather/. In France, another tornado ripped off a bell from the church early same week /France: tornado ripped off a church bell | mkweather/.

Below the article you should find the next materials associated with the worst tornado event in Europe in 20 years, including footages from cars and aerial footages in videos below photos.

Source: video below
Source of 4 pictures above:

+ The newest video directly from hit village:

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