• Powerful heatwave over continent with breaking temperature records and severe storms over west part – continue; storms 1.-2. level during heatwave
  • Coldwave spreading from Finland to Baltic states and Eastern Europe gradually, in Russia and Ukraine with slightly storms
  • Island rain and wind
  • Greece and Portugal heawtaves with wind
  • Caucasian region storms 1.-2. level

USA and Canada

  • Return of hot and stormy weather across eastern half of US and Canada, regionally with 3.level of storms
  • Heatwave and fires in Southwest
  • Rain / Wind / Cold over northwestern parts of continent
  • Rain, later storms in Central Canada
  • Weakening warm weather in Nunavut
  • Wind near heatwaves and storms in Midwest


  • Powerful late monsoon storms in India, S/SE Asia, except of Indonesia and Malaysia where hot
  • China with heatwaves and severe storms
  • Korean peninsula with severe storms
  • Colder weather in West Middle East, Wind with heatwave in Iran and Afganistan
  • Coldwave with Rain / Snow / Wind in S Argentina, S Chile, New Zealand and South Africa
  • Heatwave in SE Africa, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia
  • severe storms in Central America, Venezuela and Colombia
  • Heatwave in Mexico, S Mexico with storms
  • West Africa with severe storms
  • East Sahel region with weakening of storm activity
  • Egypt with heatwave
  • Morocco hot with storms, West Sahara hot with winds, Tunisia below temperature average

Sunday´s warnings you will find in Archive: https://mkweather.com/warnings-archive/

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