Warnings for SAT-SUN-MON 8.-10. August 2020


  • Powerful heatwave over continent with breaking temperature records over west part
  • Regionally storms 1.-2. level, southern Balkan and Greece 3.level
  • Norway storms/rain and arrival of cold air, Finland on Monday coldwave
  • Island rain and wind
  • Turkey, Greece, Portugal heatwave with wind

USA and Canada

  • Storms on cold front inked with Isaiash on Saturdy with possible floods in Mid-Atlantic
  • Gradually return of hot weather with storms to Northeast, East Coast and east Canada
  • NE Midwest on Monday with powerful storms
  • Southwest with powerful heatwave and fires
  • Western half of Canada and NW USA gradually with coldwave, rain and wind
  • Nunavut with anomalously warm air


  • Powerful late monsoon storms in India, Pakistan and SE Asia, except of Indonesia and Malaysia where hot
  • China with heatwaves and severe storms
  • Japan and Korea with severe storms
  • East Sahel region with powerful storms, west Africa with calm storms
  • East Sahara with powerful heatwave, heatwaves in Middle East weakening trend
  • East coast of Africa and South Africa with wind
  • Mexico with heatwaves and storms in south
  • Central America and Caribbean with calm storms
  • Venezuela, Colombia region with powerful storms
  • Southern Chile and Patagonia with coldwave and snow, north of Chile and Argentina + Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia heatwave
  • Australia coldwave with powerful storms on West and SE coast, with wind
  • New Zealand with slight coldwave
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Author: marekkucera
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