People ignore COVID´19 and beaches are full, forecast for England: +38°C at the weekend. Friday: FR +40,5°C, UK +36,4°C, GE +34,9°C, BE +34,6°C, NL +34,4°C, DK +31,6°C, SE +30,5°C

After hottest London´s day ever, hottest August day since 2003 (+36,4°C/98°F on Friday)

First more serious heatwave came to London 23.-26. June 2020 this year, with top maximum temperature +33,4°C. At the end of July 2020 however, abnormal heatwave produced the highest temperature in London ever, 31. July maximum temperature reached +37,8°C and this day, was in London hotter than in Rome, although, Italy reported a heatwaves too.

Only week after historical heatwaves there is the next hot spell and temperatures on Friday, 7. August are again anomalously high. In London, Heathrow, maximum temperature reached +36,4°C, in Kew Gardens +36,3°C and it was the hottest August day in UK since August 2003 (when was measured temperature record +38,5°C for August).

Gatwick Airport and Cambridge also reached recorded temperatures of 33°C, Wiggonholt in West Sussex clocking up 32,9°C.

Beaches are full now and people have tendency to ignore COVID´19 warnings and restrictions (!) Crowds ignore all restrictions and warnings and occupies the beaches.” according to British media. Situation is not good in these reflections. At the weekend, temperatures will rise to +37°C on Saturday and +36°C on Sunday in southeastern England, but rarely, up to +38°C is on Saturday possible.

Warm temperatures are also expected overnight, with a number of so-called tropical nights – when temperatures stay above 20C – forecast for the coming days.

Between 1961 and 1990 there were just eight tropical nights which exceeded the mark +20°C. But the mercury is predicted to stay between 19 and 22°C in some areas until next Wednesday night, meaning people in the UK could be facing difficult sleeping conditions for several nights to come.

There is a list of temperature records in England:

38.7C – Cambridge Royal Botanic Gardens, 25 July 2019

38.5C – Faversham, 10 August 2003

37.8C – Heathrow, 31 July 2020

37.1C – Cheltenham, 3 August 1990

36.7C – Heathrow, 1 July 2015

France +40,5°C /105°F, Germany +34,9°C, Belgium +34,6°C, Netherlands +34,4°C, Denmark +31,6°C, Sweden +30,5°C; in France large wildfires

Extremely high temperatures on Friday starts to bother other west-european countries too or West Central Europe, respectively. In Spian, Thursday was hotter than Friday (+42,6°C Montoro).

On Friday, +40,5°C was measured in Brive, France, +34,9°C in Koeln/Bonn in Germany, +34,6°C in Chievres, Belgium and +34,4°C in Arcen, Netherlands.

Very hot was in Scandinavian countries, too. +31,6°C was measured in Borris, Denmark and +30,5°C in Goteburg, Sweden.

In southern France, a wildfires starts to destroy a land, many cases are reported from southwest and Côte d’Azur, where temperatures will reach more than +40°C during the next days, regionally.

As we pointed on Thursday, this heatwave will be the longest heatwave in Europe during summer 2020, in central parts of continent with duration almost up to 20. August. Then, first breathes of autumn could come.

Heatwave in Europe noticed Accuweather, too.

Met Office is expecting up to +37°C at the weekend, rarely, temperature could reach +38°C in Southeast.

Photogallery from UK´s beaches, Friday, 7. August 2020

French wildfires during last hours, Marseille and La Courounne

Criteria for UK´s heatwave are very slight, heatwave in Scotland is valid above +25°C, in London above +28°C

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Mkweather warnings for the weekend 8.-9. August 2020

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