Windstorm Francis on Tuesday: UK 120 km/h, Norway 115 km/h, France 108 km/h, Netherlands 104 km/h; Germany 3. level of warnings +Mkweather warnings

Windstorm Francis is already causing damages over northwestern Europe, with Tuesday´s, 25. August 2020, wind gusts up to 120 km/h in United Kingdom.

Together 11 meteorological stations in the UK has reported wind gusts 100-120 km/h during second August windstorm 2020 /

Severe winds are reported from Norway, 115 km/h, France, 108 km/h and Netherlands, 104 km/h, too. Wind gusts above 90 km/h are reported from Ireland, 97 km/h, Switzerland, 96 km/h, Germany, 94 km/h and Sweden, 94 km/h, too.

On Wednesday, windstorm activity will shift eastward, over Germany, Czech republic and Poland (Germany with 3. level on already on Tueasday) and from Wednesday to Thursday over Lithuania, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Marginally will be affected Belarus, Ukraine and Serbia, too.

Before arrival of windstorm Francis, tornado outbreak has occurred above Northern parts of Europe, where is still cold air from the previous windstorm activity (windstorm Ellen) / In Sweden, in this Arctic air, temperatures dropped up to -3,9°C in Tuesday morning /

Together 2 windstorms and one pressure low will bring powerful coldwaves to Europe during the next period / In September 2020, strong hurricane season is expected /, therefore, next strong windstorms as ex-hurricanes and ex-tropical lows in Europe are possible.

Essex, UK /BBC
Cardiff, UK /BBC
Firefighters help campers, carrying bikes from their motorhomes in Pembrokeshire
Pembrokeshire, UK /BBC
Skewen, UK /
Somewhere in Wales /
Waves crash against the harbour wall in Prthcawl, a ferry arrives at the Port of Dover, emergency services in Newcastle. Pics: Getty/PA/Press Eye Ltd/Shutterstock
Porthcawl Harbour, UK /

Maximum wind gusts over Europe on Tuesday, 25.8.2020 /

Mkweather warnings for 25.-27. August 2020 (TUE-WED-THU) – red is windstorm Francis:

Windstorm Francis Peak wind gusts over Europe in Wednesday and first half of Thursday, 26.-27. August 2020 /


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