35-40°C / 96-104°F temperatures in September in West and Central USA! All-time September records in Colorado Springs or Cheyenne, in Denver, has never been so hot before! Cooldown hits Northwest and the Rocky Mountains between 18.-25. September

Such we forecasted and updated earlier, in the western half of the USA, is continuing severe heatwave, which is bringing many daily and even, monthly temperature records /https://mkweather.com/heatwave-in-the-western-half-of-the-usa-is-bringing-many-daily-temperature-records-extreme-coldwave-in-outlook-only-after-20-september-until-then-the-larges-wildfire-in-california-in-history-should/; https://mkweather.com/heatwave-in-the-western-half-of-the-usa-is-bringing-many-daily-temperature-records-extreme-coldwave-in-outlook-only-after-20-september-until-then-the-larges-wildfire-in-california-in-history-should//.

Friday and Saturday, 10.-11. September brought a new all-time September records in Cheyenne, Wyoming 96°F / +35,6°C, Sidney Nebraska 102°F / +38,9°C, Chadron Nebraska 104°F / +40°C (tied) Alamosa Colorado 89°F / +31,8°C (tied) on 10. September 2021 and La Junta AP Colorado 104°F / +40°C (tied) on 11. September 2021 /Tweet below/.

Colorado Springs reported at the weekend 98°F / +36,7°C, which is also its highest September temperature on records and only 3°F below its all-time record.

Denver on Friday, 10. September 2021 reported 99°F / +37,2°C, which is the latest temperature above 97°F in the city in all-time history.

On Thursday, 9. September, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana reported regional all-time September records, too.

Not only in the south but too northern Wyoming or Idaho reported the spreading of wildfires, in California should Dixie fire in the next days become the worst wildfire in the state in all-time history.

According to long-term forecasts until 28. September, after the heatwave, will come cold blast into Northwestern USA and the Rocky Mountains between 18.-25. September 2021, but at the end of the month, heatwaves into the western half of the USA will return.

Temporarily, heatwaves hit central and eastern parts of the USA until the end of September 2021, too /maps below/.

Source: wxcharts.com

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