+52,4°C in Algeria! The first official European +50°C is possible!

Extremely hot Sahara according to Italian meteorologists produced in last days maximum temperatures in Algeria up to +52,4°C!

Stations from International Exchange database reported in last days in Algeria around +50°C and mentioned temperature within official sites isn´t really excluded.

Saharan air will be flowing above Europe all-time until the start of July 2021. With gradual extremely strong, we can say that abnormal heatwave near sirocco winds in Italy or Greece it should produce temperatures not only +47°C such is forecasted on maps of GFS, but up to +50°C near hot and dry winds from the south and southwest.

Question is, if temperature like this will be measured within official site, or not - many unofficial temperature records around or above +50,0°C was in Portugal, the Spain, Italy or Greece measured and valid all-time temperature records are +48,5°C in Italy and +48,0°C from Greece.

We should say, that during the next period Italy, Greece, Balkan and part of Central Europe will be near overcoming of all-time or June temperature records.

Mainly more than +48,5°C in Italy won´t be a surprise.

Already on Saturday, 19. June 2021, temperature in Sardinia reached +40,5°C and on Sunday 20. June 2021, +40,5°C was already reached in Olbia, bigger Sardinian city, with a possibility of even higher temperatures in marginal parts of official site of meteorological stations.

Gradually, sirocco will shift from Sardinia to Sicily and then almost all Italy, later Balkan and Greece, with very interesting maximum temperatures.

Currently, the hottest days GFS sees for 28. June 2021 with values up to +45°C above southern Italy, however, in previous outputs, from Saturday, 19. June, there was a value +47°C for 2. July 2021. All near T850hPa temperatures almost +30°C!

Sirocco winds in mountainous areas are almost unpredictable and a new Italian temperature record such as the first European +50°C in history aren´t fully excluded.

Source: Wetter 16 Tage: Wird 50-Grad-Blase angezapft? | wetter.com
Source: wetterzentrale.de
Source: wetterzentrale.de
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Source: Italy +40,5°C and will be even worse! Temperatures should stop near +50°C! - mkweather
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