+36,1°C in Slubice, Poland! Germany +36,9°C and 5 days above +35°C!

Final absolute national temperature record in Germany from this heatwave has value +36,9°C /Juni-Hitzewelle 2021: Die wärmsten Orte Deutschlands - hier schwitzen Sie am meisten (rtl.de)/ from Henningsdorf-Nord (Brandenburg).

In Guteborn/Lausitz (Brandenburg), +36,7°C, in Berlin-Müggelsee (Berlin), +36,7°C, in Berlin-Insulaner (Berlin), +36,6°C and in Baruth (Brandenburg)  +36,6°C was measured.

Moreover, extremely hot night in Germany has appered, with minimum temperature only +24,1°C from Saturday to Sunday, 19.-20. June 2021 in Kahl/Main (Bayern).

Extremely hot was on Friday, 18. June 2021, too, in Potsdamm-RBB (Brandenburg) +36,5°C.

Series of supertropical days above +35,0°C is lasting since 16. June (to 20. June) - long 5 days! /link above/.

Extremely hot weather from Germany has gradually shifted above Poland, where extreme +36,1°C in Slubice was on Sunday, 20. June 2021 measured.

In Swinoujscie, +35,2°C, in Szczecin +34,8°C, in Gorzow, +34,4°C, in Swidwin +34,3°C, in Ustka +34,3°C, in Zielona Gora +34,2°C, in Kolobrzek +34,1°C, in Koszalin +34,1°C or in Wroclaw +34,0°C was measured.

Temperatures around +35°C were reported from Slovakia, Czechia and Austria, too, but in many places, tropical days were interrupted by severe storms in region. E.g. in Czechia, +34,8°C /V Česku opět padaly teplotní rekordy - Novinky.cz/.

Region of southeastern Central Europe, such as northwestern Balkan is preparing to the peak of extreme heatwave, which is forecasted to Thursday, 24. June 2021 - temperatures in Slovakia, Austria or Hungary should reach extreme +39°C /So hot has never been in June: +39°C in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia or Serbia already on Thursday, 24.6.? - mkweather/.

All-time national monthly records for June, in Baltic countries and Finland are in next days possible.

Meanwhile, Germany, France, Benelux and Alpine region report extreme storms /10 cm hailstorms are shifting to Germany, CZ, CH, AU, DK, SE and N IT from France, PT, ES, BE, NL, LU! - mkweather/ and British Islands strong cooldown /Extreme cooldown after cold front: The UK +0,4°C, Ireland +2,8°C, Iceland -5,0°C - the lowest temperature in this season in populated areas in history! - mkweather/.

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