A hurricane created from nothing: Unexpected hurricane in Florida and Gulf Coast next 72 hours?

While forecast “Without hurricanes in USA till 20. September” seemed to be successful long 12 days, from Friday to Saturday is coming a unexpected event – possible hurricane in Florida and Gulf Coast already during next 72 hours.

This tropical storm, with name 19L Nineteen has created “from nothing” southeastward from Florida last 48 hours and system is quickly shifting over US territory.

Already on Saturday, system hit southern Florida as a tropical storm and next day, disturbance will continue towards Gulf Coast, with possible strenghtening to a Category 1 hurricane!

It could bring according to wxcharts.com up to 200 mm (8 inches) of rain to coastal areas of Florida, Alabama and Mississippi during next week.

Although, it could be really weak hurricane – something between a tropical storm and hurricane, it is not clear, if forecast without hurricane until 20. September 2020 from 1. September will be successful, yet.

Next 3 powerful systems (up to 4th category) just miss the eastern coast of US during next period, with expected destructive impacts in Bermuda and Antilles.

Fortunately, any major threats (hurricanes Cat 3+) aren´t forecasted for North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) till end of September 2020.

Hurricane created “from nothing” outputs /tropicaltidbits.com, wxchart.com:

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Author: marekkucera
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