A new world tornado record: 232 waterspouts over the Great Lakes in week between 28.9.-4.10. 2020

Portal watchers.news has informed, that over the Great Lakes has been twice in the year 2020 overcame waterspout world record during one outbreak /https://watchers.news/2020/10/07/world-record-waterspout-outbreak-great-lakes//.

Waterspouts are monitored by International Center for Waterspout Research (ICWR), which has confirmed the recorded outbreak between 28. September and 4. October 2020 - 232 waterspout together! (33 per day in average).

Watchers.news has investigated, that first waterspout record has fallen in 2020 near similar situation on 16.-19. August 2020 (before an arrival of hurricanes Laura and Marco to Gulf Coast during the third August decade, now is active hurricane Delta, read more: https://mkweather.com/2020/10/08/next-48-hours-will-be-critical-usa-hits-a-hurricane-delta-lake-charles-with-next-possible-major-hurricane-in-a-short-time/).

Only 38 waterspouts has occurred in small area during the 5-hour period. The most of waterspouts appeared over southwestern parts of Great Lakes.

Meanwhile, cold blasts has produced tornado and waterspout outbreaks in Mediterranean, but too interesting simple tornado events in Europe /https://mkweather.com/2020/10/05/tornado-and-4-cm-hailstorms-in-slovakia/; https://mkweather.com/2020/10/06/tornado-scared-antwerp-belgium/; https://mkweather.com/2020/09/30/f2-tornado-hit-small-village-in-ukraine// thanks to persisting cold, rainy and windy circulation during the autumn 2020 /https://mkweather.com/2020/08/22/europe-autumn-2020-forecast-mkweather-accuweather-maps-and-analysis//.

Infographics: watchers.news.com

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