American model returned for Italy for 8. August +50°C! Heatwave in Greece is the longest lasting since 1987, Croatia +42°C

An extreme heatwave hit at the end of July and at the start of August 2021 Italy, Greece, and Balkan, with extremely hot temperatures and deadly potential for sensitive groups of people. 

Moreover, extreme heat, drought, and wildfires are forecasted to continue minimally into mid-August 2021 (while the rest of Europe will sink into a coldwave) – the American model returned for Italy for 8. August before a few days unbelievable +50°C!

Current outputs are a little milder, with +47°C in parts of Greece, but heatwave is already considered as the strongest heatwave in key regions of the Mediterranean since 1987 (in 34 years!).

All-time temperature records from heatwave from hit countries will be in many cases revealed only later, but some information are available already now.

E.g. 87 stations in Greece reported in the last 24 hours (31. July 2021) maximum temperatures +40/+45°C ( or in Croatia was in automated station Mljet measured during the last July´s days +42°C, which is only a few decimals of degree Celsius below the all-time national record. 

Extremely hot temperatures +40/+45°C were reported from the last days from all Balkan, e.g. in Messinia, Greece +44,6°C, Gevgelija, North Macedonia, +43,3°C, Danilovgrad, Montenegro, +42,7°C, Tirana, Albania +42,0°C, Mljet, Croatia, +42,0°C, Sandanski, Bulgaria, +41,8°C, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, +41,1°C, Valjevo, Serbia +40,4°C or Baile Herculane, Romania, +40,1°C. Estimates from Italy are saying about minimally +46/+47°C near sirocco and – the hottest observation are still not known because the first peak of heatwaves is forecasted on 1.-2. August 2021.

The second peak, during which, mentioned +50°C was forecasted before a few days, is still forecasted around 8.-10. August 2021. 

If you live in the region or you are on vacation, we recommend you to watch current weather news, forecasts, warnings and advisories (and not only before heat – from the north, extreme storms are coming). 



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