Constable Pynt, Greenland (near Iceland): +23,4°C, continental ice sheet reports giant melting

Only before a few days we informed about extreme heatwave, which hit in the last period Greenland /

Record high temperatures were measured not only in southern, but in northern parts of the island, too, e.g. in Upernavik in northwestern Greenland, +20,5°C, or in Danmarkshavn, northeastern Greenland, +19,8°C.

Very “hot” was in southern parts, too – Sisimuit on west coast reported +21,8°C and Constable Point on the east coast, near Iceland, according to the newest information, +23,4°C on 29. July 2021. 

Anomalously warm was in Kap Morris Jesup – one of the coldest coastal places on the Earth on the northern coast, +14,8°C on 30. July 2021 / Station Nord reported +14,4°C on 29. July 2021 – only 2,6°C below all-time record. 

Canadian northernmost station Alert Climate reported +18,8°C on 29.-30. July 2021, which is only 5°C from all-time record for the station. Resolute, Canada, reported on 24. July +11,5°C

One day from the last period melt alone could cover Florida in 2 inches of water according to computations. 

Warm weather will continue above Greenland minimally until 5. August and in southern half until 10. August 2021.

The current heatwave above the Arctic should have a significant impact on a maximum of sea ice loss in September 2021 over the Arctic and thermohaline and atmospheric circulation over the North Atlantic, including the eastern USA, eastern Canada, Europe and parts of Asia and North Africa during the next weeks and months. 


Source: Copernicus;

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