Antarctica very close to temperature records: Vostok -75,7°C, Dome Fuji -74,0°C

Before a few days, extremely low late-season temperatures surprised the coldest parts of Antarctica.

While the all-time cold October record (probably for the first October days) has a value of -76,1°C, on 24. September temperature in Vostok station dropped to -75,7°C and Dome Fuji reported -74,0°C, which was very close to daily records for stations.

The coldest days of Winter 2021 were measured in Antarctica in Vostok on 12. August 2021 with -79,0°C and on 7. June 2021 with -78,3°C.

The late-September temperature was therefore only 3,3°C above Winter 2021 record in Vostok.

Despite extremely cold weather, the Antarctic sea ice extent reported in the last period sharper decline, mainly thanks to warm anomalies above the Southern Ocean.

All-time record in Vostok from July has value -89,2°C (the coldest temperature on Earth in history) and from April to October, never was measured more than -33,0°C at the station.

In January (summer), maximum temperatures should reach maximally up to -14,0°C, but the coldest summer temperatures are reaching up to -64,0°C (February).

Warmer Base Esperanza in Antarctic Peninsula has a milder climate with temperatures from -38,4°C in winter months to +18,3°C in summer.

Large parts of Antarctica – mainly East, have recorded in last decades cooling trend, partially thanks to climate feedback associated with re-freezing of Southern Ocean from melted sweet water from the Antarctic continental glacier. Sometimes should colder Antarctica produce extreme coldwaves in southern parts of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or South America.

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