Austrian Alps under the snow, Italy with the coldest September days for 50 years

After extreme cold weekend in Europe we have brought an article with a big photo gallery from regions with extreme snowfall from Alps (France, Switzerland and Italy) /

In lower parts of Italy (and Adriatic), extreme cold weather has brought a severe storms, winds and tornadoes during last days /;

In Alps, the lowest temperatures since 26. March 2020 has been measured (-15,4°C in Switzerland and -15,2°C in Italy) / and areas in France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria has covered by more than 1 meter of snow.

At last, a blizzard hit Austria, which is located the most eastward from Alpine region, therefore, we are bringing a fresh photos from the Austrian parts of Alps after coldwave Friday-Monday 25.-28. September 2020.

It appears, that in Austrian Alps has fallen even more of snow as in western parts.

Snow has appeared in mountains near Rome, Italian capital too.

Italian media has reported, that Italy has experienced with the coldest September days in 50 years / According, in Italy really has been overcame all-time temperature records in some regions during last 7 days. In UK, coldest September temperatures in all-time history (Northern Ireland) or since 1997 (Scotland) was measured. /

Infographics: – temperature extremes in Europe during last 7 days, Journal de Vreme FB – photo gallery from Austrian Alps, – snowfall near Rome, Italy:

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