BIG EXTREME FROSTS SUMMARY: Temperature records from Europe and Northern Hemisphere during the first half of the peak of Winter 2020/2021

Extreme frosts across Northern Hemisphere are coming thanks to extremely anomalous Major SSW event and strong atmospheric blocking of the Winter 2020/2021.

This process has started already in late December 2020, when above Monoglia was reported the strongest air pressure on the Earth ever, 1094,3 hPa / and the deepest Aleutian (extratropical) low in all-time Earth history, 921 hPa /

Now, Mkweather is bringing a big summary of all temperature records across Northern Hemisphere between 25. December 2020 and 14. January 2021 (3 weeks such as the first half of peak of the Winter 2020/2021 /next 3 cold weeks are forecasted/).

It appears that the coldest times are only coming, therefore stay watch weather with us furthermore!

Summary of temperature records from Europe

After all time Spain temperature record (-34,1°C within AEMET stations and -35,8°C in other stations; and historic 50-year snowstorm / was Tuesday, 12. January in lower situated parts of the Spain again extremely cold, with temperatures up to -29,9°C / (note: previous record is from mountainous stations).

In parts of the UK, current coldwave have produced regionally the coldest times since legandary year 2010 / (Scotland -12,2°C, England -11,1°C and Northern Ireland -10,2°C and Ireland -8,8°C as absolutely the lowest temperatures from the coldwave).

Extremely cold weather from the British Islands and Spain has shifted around Monday, 11. January 2021 over the Alps, with measured -39,6°C in Dolina de Campoluzzo, Italy /, 1700 MASL, -28,0°C in Le Bréviene, France and Switzerland, 1042 MASL /, -25,9°C in Perla, Kvilda, Czechia, -24,0°C in St. Jakob in Defereggen, Austria or -22,3°C in Oberstdorf, Germany.

In Lienz, Eastern Tyrol, Austria, was on Monday, 11. January measured the lowest temperature since 1987, -23,5°C /

In Scandinavia, -39,7°C was measured on 14. January 2021 / and -43,3°C in last days of December 2020 /

Summary of temperature records from Northern Hemisphere

Extreme blocking circulation is bringing long-term cold weather pattern across continents of Northern Hemisphere, what was during last 3 weeks accompanied with overcoming of all-time or very old temperature records and additional cold measurements around the world.

In Oymyakon was measured in late December 2020 -57,5°C /note: day after writing of this article:, on 14. January 2020 in Ekyuchchyu was measured -56,8°C and in Verkhoyansk -56,2°C /

Kagaaruk, northern Nunavut, Canada, reported all-time temperature record, -47,0°C / during the first January 2021 decade and in Colorado, the USA, -45,6°C (-50°F) in late December 2020 /

North Korea reported -34,6°C / and Japan -32,6°C / during the outbreak.

In Beijing was measured -19,6°C, the lowest temperature since 1966 /, in Soeul -18,6°C, the lowest temperature since 1966 /

In the 3rd January pentade, Vietnam should measured its all-time national record -13,0°C /not confirmed/, Srinagar (India) reported -8,4°C – the lowest temperature for 26 years (since 1995), Shanghai -7,8°C (the coldest since 2005), Hong Kong -2,5°C (the coldest since 2016, but some parts of Hong Kong since 1988) / and Abu Dhabi -2,0°C (all-time national temperature record) /

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