Blizzard in Australia: 1 meter (3.3 feet) of snow, unexpected snowing in capital, Canberra

"Antarctic blob" in Australia was during last 48 hours unexpectedly strong.

Over one meter (3.3 feet) of snow had fallen in a number of alpine regions, and the cold weather would likely remain for several last days according the Bureau of Meteorology.

In lower areas, snow cover was created in regions above 300 MASL and unexpected snowing hit Australia capital, Canberra.

Furthermore, snow has occurred in northern latitudes for last 15 years in northern New South Wales.

Antarctic air reaching Australia's south east triggered snowfall down to low altitudes across several states on Saturday, with many people out enjoying the rare event despite wild winds and heavy snow that closed some roads.

"Pictures of snowy towns and landscapes across New South Wales (NSW), Victoria, the Australia Capital Territory and the island state of Tasmania flooded social media as locals rushed to capture the surprise early spring snowfall." inform server

With Victoria and Tasmania coldwave /; from the beginning of August 2020 it is the second most powerful coldwave in contintent during winter 2020.

Occurence of snow in Australia on Saturday, 22.8.2020:

Pictures from A) Australian mountains B,C) Lower populated areas D) Canberra:

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