California with winter wildfires, still warm and windy

On Friday, 4. December 2020, Los Angeles has reported +23°C / 73.4°F and sunny weather on the sun, temperatures afternoon reached more than +30°C – suitable conditions for induction of wildfires near dry Santa Ana winds.

In warmer parts of California, temperatures reached summer +27°C / 80.6°F late last week.

At the weekend, temperatures have dropped below +20°C in many parts of California, but fires near winds up to 60 mph / 100 km/h have brought extreme quick spreading of fires, nevertheless is already December.

Fire danger is very high in belt around Los Angeles farther, with problems mainly with Bond Fire, not far from Santa Ana.

Wildfires are worsening air quality and causing health problems to many people in one of the most populated regions in the USA and people are tired from almost all-year wildfire season lasting into winter.

Climate change is unfortunately associated with extreme risk of heatwaves, drought and wildfires in southwestern USA and fight against this trend will be in next decades very hard.

Only in 2020 wildfire season, almost 10 millions of acres in the USA have burned until the start of December (wildfire season is still ongoing), from almost half of area of these fires have occurred in California.

Moreover, La nina and PNA+ are currently drivers for circulation in the region and AO+ / NAO+ are in next winter outlook.

If you live in the region, watch current news, forecasts and warnings and stay safe.

Expected situation for Tuesday, 8.12. 2020. Source:–another-santa-ana-wind-event-elevating-fire-risk-across-socal
Satellite image, 3. December 2020 /Source:

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