Chile with widespread wildfires, Chillan 6 days with +34/+36°C

Only in last article, Mkweather has informed about all-time temperature record in Patagonia (+43,8°C) / and extreme storm with extreme large hails, which have been produced by severe storms on frontal waves in the region.

Heatwaves which borther large parts of Argentina persist on the back side of large pressure high above southwestern Atlantic, however hit Chile, too and many parts of the country have reported during last 2 weeks widespread wildfires.

In Chillan, central Chile, temperatures last 6 days have reached +34/+36°C every day of the period (Tuesday – Sunday, 19.-24. January 2021) and hot weather will end only early next week, after arrival of powerful cold front with strong T-stroms.

Summer is not on the northern and central coast of Chile so hot, such usually, thanks to La-nina, however, it´s extremely dry, therefore, after arrival of the strongest heatwave of the summer, immediately increased risk of wildfires almost across all Chile except for southern parts.

Next week, very cold weather is expected in southern half of Chile, but in early February 2021, extreme hot weather should return and wildfires in regions, where will stay very dry conditions, should come back, too.

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Author: marekkucera
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