Colombia with floods from Hurricane Eta, Brazil: floods in north, coldwave in south

ITCZ (Intertropical Convergence Zone) is shifting southward in Southern America too, and in tropical forests has begun rain season of the year in the autumn 2020.

Many parts of Amazon now reports end of devastating wildfire season, but in contrary, floods has appeared in northeastern Brazil and Colombia according to in the first pentade of November 2020.

In Colombia, 9,200 families across 7 municipalities in Magdalena Department has been affected.

6 rivers – Fundación, Sevilla, Tucurinca, Frío, Aracataca and Ariguari – overflowed have caused flooding in the municipalities of Fundación, El Retén, Zona Bananera, Aracataca, Algarrobo, Pueblo Viejo and Ciénaga accordinf to Floodlist.

Northern parts of Colombia reports rains from Hurricane Eta, what documents majesty of the second strongest November hurricane, which hit mainly Central America and continues towards Florida already /

In Brazil, around 300 people evacuated their homes, mostly in the Salgado neighbourhood of the city.

In Ingazeira has dropped 132mm of rain, São João 142mm, Buíque 120mm and Correntes 115mm / 24 hours around 3. November 2020.

Southern Brazil, on the other hand, has experienced with severe spring coldwave last days, in Urubici temperature has dropped to +0,8°C and gournd frosts and frosts appeared.

The lowest temperature in Brazil ever from winter months is only -14,0°C, therefore it was really powerful spring coldwave, before an arrival of the summer 2020/2021.

During next months, farther shift of ITCZ to the south is expected, with more floods in southern parts of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Wildfires in Paraguay will end soon, too.


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Floods in Brazil, Source:
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