Devastating storms hit Germany, in Czechia fell 76,1 mm of rain only in an hour!

The next storm system was shifting across Central Europe eastward during Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 28.-30. June 2021, with the result of severe floods in western and southern Germany, heavy rains in Czechia, and large hail in Poland and Slovakia.

Large hail accumulations, similarly such as in France / hit Stuttgart and Berlin regions from Monday to Tuesday, 28.-29. June 2021.

In Stuttgart, wind gusts up to 107 km/h were measured and gusting storms uprooted many trees and caused damages to the property.

Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse were hit hard by deluge-like rains on early Tuesday morning and dozens of car accidents were reported.

Mömlingen, Bavaria ended completely flooded. Floodwater in some parts of the city reached more than 1 meter according to the videos below.

Meanwhile, in Stráží nad Ohří, Karlovarský Kraj, Czechia, 76,1 mm of rain / 1 hour dropped near severe storms around Tuesday, 29. June 2021, 19:50 UTC.

Remnants of the storm system brought 4 cm hailstorm in region Podkarpackie, Poland, and 7 cm hailstorm in neighboring northeastern Slovakia (Gaboltov) on Wednesday, 30. June 2021 around 11:30 - 12:20 UTC according to ESWD.

Currently, on Wednesday, 30. June 2021, afternoon and evening, severe storms are shifting from northern Germany to Poland. Storms are forecasted above the Belin region until early Thursday, 1. July, yet.

Then, the next severe storms are possible around Sunday, 4. July 2021 and after the next heatwave, around 8.-9., or 12. July 2021.

Lighting on 29.-30. June 2021 Europe (until 18:00 UTC) /Source:


Source: CHMI
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