15 cm hailstorm in Poland! The largest documented hail in Polish history!

After a week we are witnesses of the next storm record from Europe – in Poland according to available sources fell last week the largest hail in the country in all-time history!

Diameter of hail, which was falling on 21. June 2021 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, was estimated at 14,5 cm (5.75 inches), which broke all regional hail records ever! /https://newslogged.com/2021/06/28/barely-fit-in-hand-poland-set-an-unusual-record-thanks-to-hail//

The report was published on Facebook by the society Skywarn Polska (Polish storm hunters) and it was found, that it is very probably the largest hail in Poland ever, thanks to the ESWD database, which has available historic statistics about diameters of hail across Europe.

It is the largest hails, which have appeared in Europe during the last, June 2021, storm outbreak in Europe, associated with extreme heatwaves.

10 cm hailstorm appeared in France around this date, too /https://mkweather.com/10-cm-hailstorms-are-shifting-to-germany-cz-ch-au-dk-se-and-n-it-from-france-pt-es-be-nl-lu-june-2021//, but currently, France is reporting big problems with accumulations of hail /https://mkweather.com/plombieres-les-bai-france-60-cm-accmulations-of-hail//.

Europe was bothered in the last days by severe tornadoes, too /https://mkweather.com/czechia-hit-ef3-tornado-150-people-injured-7-villages-destroyed-if-is-something-apocalyptic-so-scenes-captured-from-hit-areas-june-2021/https://mkweather.com/deadliest-tornado-ef3-4-in-europe-in-20-years-czechia-after-natural-disaster-footages-day-after/https://mkweather.com/tornado-in-czechia-has-the-6th-victim-only-2-year-baby-2021/https://mkweather.com/belgium-hit-ef2-tornado-with-a-twin-17-injured-92-buildings-damaged/https://mkweather.com/france-tornado-ripped-off-a-church-bell/https://mkweather.com/an-ef1-tornado-in-london-damages-and-scared-people-were-reported/; https://mkweather.com/the-next-damaging-tornado-in-belgium// and this outbreak is bringing many historical records – not only national temperature records from associated heatwaves but too, the deadliest tornadoes, extreme hailstorms or flash floods.

The next extreme storms in Poland forecasts BBC weather already around Thursday, 1. July 2021.

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