Fiji hit next 2 cyclones (Ana and Bina), disastrous floods are reported

Only a few days ago we have informed about 4 tropical threats, which appeared above Australian and Oceanian sector /

From one of these tropical threats developed Tropical Cyclone Ana (Category 2), which hit Fiji in full power.

After 100 – 150 mm rainfall, 1 – 1,5 meters of flood water flooded many cities across islands. The worst floods were reported from regions Seaqaqa and Labasa.

1 killed and 5 missing have been reported and around 7600 people have been evacuated.

Only in December 2020, Fiji hit the strongest cyclone in all-time history – Cyclone Yasa, Category 5 /

Moreover, another tropical storm – Bina – was shifting towards Fiji from northwest and system hit northern parts of Fiji and Vanuatu during 1.-2. Feburary 2021, with additional heavy rains and flooding.

Already 3 cyclones in a short time – that is sad statistic for Fiji from last 6 weeks. Cyclone season in the region is however not at the end and it should be dramatic months before us /

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Author: marekkucera
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