Finland up to -40°C, Baltic states, Belarus and Ukraine up to -30°C possible

Extreme winter is gradually shifting above eastern parts of Europe, with result of severe frosts from Finland and Sweden to Turkey.

Accrording to estimates from GFS outputs, -40°C should be reached during the following 7 days in northeastern Finland, -35°C in northern Sweden and densely populated regions above 1500 MASL in Turkey and up to / closely to -30°C in Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

-25°C should be reached easternmost parts of Poland, too /, but it is still a question if last time of the year, or extreme frosts will return, yet /

From European Russia, currently frosts up to -43°C are reported and similar frosts, between -40/-45°C should bother Russia, including central parts, during the next period. Decline of temperature will be supported by extreme snowfall in the region /

Extreme frosts watch therefore Mkweather shifts into eastern and southeastern Europe, however, forecasts for early March and ECMWF 6-week outlook will be on our site updated during the following days.

If you live in eastern parts of Europe, stay safe and warm.
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Author: marekkucera
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