Sjenica, Serbia: -20,5°C

On Tuesday, 16. February 2021, Siberian winter hasn´t shifted only above Northern Macedonia or Greece /, but too above northern parts of Balkan.

In Serbia, relative humidity dropped to sufficient levels and in Sjenica, 1038 MASL, minimum temperature dropped to -20,5°C, what is the coldest value of the winter.

Ice days (all day frosts) and freezing mornings were reported from all Balkanian countries and Greece and southern parts of peninsula hit the worst snowstorm in 12 years.

Meantime, in Kraderica, Slovenia, 400 cm of snow is reported, what is 110 cm lower than record amount form the end of January 2021 /

Possible snow losses during previous warmer period should make situation better in Albanian mountains, too /

Winter in region however doesn´t end and in early March 2021 /, next Siberian / Arctic blasts are possible, with additional snow cover mainly in the mountians.

After current coldwave, warm weather is expected in the 3rd February decade, and then, in the second half of March 2021 /, for now.

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Author: marekkucera
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