The first frosts and ground frosts are here! Extremely cold weather in continental Europe will continue until 1. September! (+weather maps)

In a series of the last articles, we informed about extreme late-Summer and early Autumn coldwave, which hit Europe in the third August decade.

Only on Sunday, 22. August 2021, -4,3°C was measured in southern Norway and Drevsjo reported almost the coldest August day in history (-3,0°C; 1,3°C from the record) /

Cold Arctic air, however in many regions with a lot of moisture, during the last 4 days arrived into almost all European mid-latitudes and even northern parts of Mediterranean and many European countries reported regionally the first frosts or ground frosts.

Although, -4,3°C from Norway from Sunday, 22. August hasn´t been overcome, there were measured interesting minimum temperatures in European countries during the last 4 mornings:

  • On Monday, 23. August 2021: -4,1°C in Folldall – Fredheim, Norway, -3,7°C in Bortnan, Sweden, -2,0°C in Sondankyla Lokka, Finland, +3,9°C in Klka, Belarus, +4,1°C in Isenvad, Denmark, +5,7°C in Madona, Latvia, +5,7°C in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania and +6,1°C in Altnaharra, the UK.
  • On Tuesday, 24. August 2021: -3,1°C in Laatnivaara, Sweden, -2,6°C in Ylitornia Meltosjarvi, Finland, -0,7°C in Filefjell, Norway, +3,8°C in Utena, Lithuania, +4,4°C in Stende, Latvia, +4,7°C in Horsens, Denmark, +5,1°C in Lyntupy, Belarus, +5,7°C in Borth, Germany, +5,8°C in Palacios de la Sierr, Spain.
  • On Wednesday, 25. August 2021: 0,0°C in Sondankyla Lokka, Finland, 0,0°C in Tarfala, Sweden, +0,8°C in Dividalen, Norway, +2,5°C in Dokshitsy, Belarus, +2,7°C in Cewice, Poland, +2,9°C in Ukmerge, Latvia, +3,5°C in Elseborn, Belgium, +3,8°C in Madona, Latvia, +4,7°C in Karlovy Vary, Czechia, +5,4°C in Poprad, Slovakia, +5,5°C in Hof-Hohensas, Germany and +6,0°C in Twenthe, the Netherlands.
  • On Thursday, 26. August 2021: -2,2°C in Dividalen, Norway, -1,9°C in Kittila, Finland, -1,1°C in Parkalompolo, Sweden, +2,8°C in St. Michael Am Lungau, Austria and +4,5°C in Zakopane, Poland.

Big parts of continental Europe are still under and effect of a cyclonic system, with regional heavy rains and cloudiness and the coldest mornings, should only come in the next few days.

Maximum temperatures in Central Europe are locally reaching only +10°C and in the next few days, it should be rarely only +8°C.

Cold weather in continental Europe from eastern France to western Ukraine is forecasted until 1. September 2021, for now, and 6, in Central Europe extremely cold days, are only waiting for us. Daily temperatures in many regions should be reaching only +8/+14°C, in warmer parts, it will be only +14/+19°C, what are values typical for November / October.

If you live in continental Europe, don´t forget therefore to warm clothes – summer weather with summer days above +25°C in warmer regions however will return already during the first school days.

The measured minimum temperature in European countries between Monday 23. August – Thursday 26. August 2021



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