Winter is coming! Southern Norway -4,3°C (Filefjell)! Drevsjo -3,0°C, only 1,3°C above all-time August record!

As we forecasted in the last articles, from Monday, 23. August 2021 will start in large parts of Europe a severe coldwave /;;, which should be considered such as the first and very early Autumn 2021 cold blast and the first significant cooldown of coming Winter season 2021/2022.

However, Scandinavia is reporting already on Sunday, 22. August 2021 a powerful cooldown and Arctic air is bringing temperatures very close to all-time August records.

The coldest temperature anomalies across Europe were on Sunday measured in southern Norway and Sweden – from lower situated places below 1000 MASL it was Filefjell, 955 MASL, with only -4,3°C and Drevsjo, 672 MASL, in southern Norway, with the minimum temperature only -3,0°C what is only 1,3°C above all-time August record for Norwegian city!

Bortnan, central Sweden reported -2,0°C on Sunday and the next days will bring extremely cold air in the region – in northeastern Lapland with T850 hPa below -5°C, which should bring frosts between -5/-10°C rarely in northern Finland around Wednesday, 25. August 2021!

The rest of Europe for extreme cooldown is only waiting – in valleys are expected the first ground frosts of the season, very rarely should appear regular frosts.

Maximum temperatures in northern Scandinavia should reach locally during the coldest day in outlook only +3°C and rare snowfall in lower situated areas should appear.

In continental Europe, locations with maximum temperatures below +10°C should appear, with even lower windchill near heavy rains, winds, and cloudiness.

If you live in Scandinavia, will be prepared to protect your sensitive plants, warm clothes, and watch forecasts in the case if you plan tourism. It´s possible, that the virological situation will be worsened thanks to the Arctic outbreak.

Mkweather will in the next days update measured temperature records from Europe, therefore stay watch a situation furthermore with us.

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