Forecast for Spring in South America from Accuweather

AccuWeather has analysed a seasonal outlook for South America as the continent for Spring (SEP-OCT-NOV) 2020.

Probably main factor that will play a role in the upcoming weather pattern in South America this spring is the development of La Niña.

Warmer weather is linked with decreasing number of cases of coronavirus (Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Argentina are four of the 10 countries with the most reported cases of COVID-19).

A dry spring is expected for most of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of South America thanks to La-niňa

As some coastal areas in the northern region of South America deal with drought, areas farther inland around the equator will get bouts of rain on a more regular basis.

When the dry season ends and the rain returns, it will not bring an immediate end to the Amazon’s fire season.

Spring will bring a wet weather pattern across northern Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Brazil, causing some disruptions across the region before drier weather returns during the second half of the season.

A warmer-than-normal pattern will dominate much of Chile and Argentina this spring.

By October, temperatures will start to swell across the region with central Chile in particular facing the potential for heat waves.

Farther south, rounds of rain will limit the temperatures in southern Chile and southern Argentina, especially in September and October. Higher elevations in the southern Andes could also get snow as storms move through the region. In November, more drier conditions are possible with more infrequent precipitation.

For comparison we have written short review of a CFSv2 seasonal forecast (maps) of SST (sea surface temperature – La niňa), T2m temperature anomalies and Precipitation anomalies for World /

Our seasonal forecasts to Autumn and Winter 2020/21 for Europe and North America you will find on /;

Graphical Accuweather forecast for Spring (SEP-OCT-NOV) 2020 in South America


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