Main notes from CFSv2 forecast for Autumn and Winter 2020/21 in the World

Main notes from CFSv2 forecast for Wolrd for next 6 months:

  • La-niňa phase
  • strong Asian monsoon (typhoons) during the Spring thanks to La-niňa, but dry winter in SE, E and S Asia
  • colder Australia in the second half of Spring and hot Australia in the summer
  • Sahara highly above temperature normal
  • hot October in South America and hot December in Argentina and Chile
  • rainy / stormy winter in Amazonia
  • colder Southern Ocean in autumn and hot Southern Ocean in the winter
  • global warming hole over North Atlantic in September 2020 (colder SST)
  • colder Europe during autumn and warm in the winter (firstly AO-/NAO-, then AO+/NAO+)
  • cold central parts of Canada and USA in September, warm October and November across continent and cold (mainly second half) winter (firstly AO-/NAO-, then AO+/NAO+)
  • drier western coast and SE USA

CFSv2 latest seasonal forecast for World


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