Frozen animals: Mongolia (-48,0°C) and Kazakhstan (-40,4°C) with one of the most extreme winters on record

In series of previous articles, we have investigated an extreme winter conditions across Northern Hemisphere /here a big summary plus the subsequent strongest frost event in Central Europe:;

Extreme situation started with anomalous strong Major Sudden Stratospheric Warming, with 1094,3 hPa pressure over Mongolia (the newest world record! / and Mongolia immediately after air pressure records reported extreme -48,0°C in Gandan Huryee.

During last month, extreme cold air was pushed from the middle of Siberian high into its edges to southern Asia, Europe, North America and even northern Africa.

Extreme cold mass currently hit Kazakhstan, too, with measured -40,4°C in Semijarka on Sunday, 24. January 2021.

According to the newest news, region report one from the coldest winters in history – a belt of Siberian air created by polar vortex desintegration is persisting over these areas already many weeks.

Internet is therefore full of heartbreaking videos of frozen animals from Central Asian region (Siberia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia).

In neighboring, northern China, children in the school have obligatory exercising during the education process – in some densely populated regions temperature dropped almost to -45°C during last weeks.

On the other hand, during extreme winter heatwave in Italy, Greece and Turkey before 2 weeks, hot air was shiften too above Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and southern Kazakhstan, with new-all time January temperature record, +22,6°C, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, +25,0°C in Turkmenistan, +21,2°C in Tajikistan and +19,2°C in southern Kazakhstan.

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