Ground frosts already in Europe: Belgium +0,8°C, France +1,6°C, Denmark +3,6°C, Germany +4,0°C, Poland +4,5°C, Czechia +4,6°C

Temperatures closely to 0°C (32°F) flooded a western parts of continental Europe in Monday´s morning and ground frosts probability will shift over Central (mainly East-Central) Europe on Tuesday.

The lowest temperature from European low-elevated basins and valleys were measured in Elseborn, Belgium, 564 MASL, only +0,8°C with sure ground frost. Extremely cold was here on Sunday already, +1,2°C.

Surprisingly low minimum temperature has appeared in France in Tuesday morning – only +1,6°C in Charleville, 149 MASL. Charleville, capital of Ardenes department in France, is situated very closely to Belgium, but in very low altitude comparable with several European lowlands.

Denmark´s station in Billund (75 MASL) reported +3,6°C, Bamberg (240 MASL) in Germany +4,0°C, Mirowslawiec (121 MASL) in Poland +4,5°C and Karlovy Vary (603 MASL) in Czechia +4,6°C on Monday.

Only 2 weeks ago, few of these localities reported heatwave with maximum temperatures up to +37°C.

On Tuesday, extremely cold air will shift more southward to northern Spain, southern France, Alpine and Carpathian region and ground frosts outbreak in Europe will be more extensive in comparison with Monday.

Next ground frost morning, instead of Tuesday, is on plan on Friday, from England and northern France, to western Carpathian Ukraine and Belarus.

T850 hPa anomalies above Europe on Monday 12:00 and at midnight from Monday to Tuesday 0:00 /

Monday´s, Tuesday´s and Friday´s morning temperature anomaly across Europe (blue with ground frosts possibility in basins and valleys):

Illustration photo:

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