Heatwave around 15. June with +35°C in Germany, period between 15.-20. June colder and stormy, between 20.-25. June the next heatwave

Already in previous article we have looked at a current heatwave, which is replaced by powerful cold front, with floods in the Spain, France and Germany and potential floods in next days in Alpine region, Italy, Balkan and locally in parts of Central Europe.

Now we should look available forecasts for continental Europe for June 2021.

While colder weather after current cold front will persist cca until Friday, 11. June 2021, between 11.-16. June will be Europe hit by the next, even more powerful heatwave, with possible maximum temperatures up to +35°C in Germany (+32°C in outputs of GFS + 3°C).

This second heatwave, should be between 15.-20. June 2021 alternated by the next powerful cold front with severe storms and cold period after transition of this cold front should have duration around 5 days.

Between 20.-25. June 2021, probably the next heatwave will start in continental Europe, from traditional direction, from southwest.

Therefore it appears, that we will go trough classical summer regime in next weeks, or, maybe during all June 2021, however, cold fronts will be powerful and won´t fall apart above hot continent, what means more dynamic conditions during the first summer month in 2021.

If cold fronts began fall apart, it would mean that the peak of Summer 2021 is near and possibility of persisting heatwaves should be bigger.

Current 6-week ECMWF forecast sees cold June 2021 in eastern and southeastern Europe, while between 5.-20. July 2021 should arrive peak of Summer 2021 with widespread warm temperature anomaly in western and continental Europe. Hot weather should continue into early August, then our experimental forecast from the end of May 2021 forecasted earlier arrival of autumn weather /https://mkweather.com/experimental-cfsv2-forecast-for-summer-2021-in-europe-heavy-storms-short-peak-in-july-and-early-autumn-in-august-2021//.

Before 15. June:

After 15. June:

Peaks in other regions of Europe:

Source: wetterzentrale.de

6-week ECMWF temperature forecast until 19.7.2021 /Source: Charts | ECMWF
Source: wxcharts.com
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