Warning! After heatwave is coming extreme cold front – Germany, France and the Spain with severe floods!

The first heatwave of Summer 2021 is here and last 4 days, since Thursday, 3. June, have brought warm summer weather in many parts of the continent.

The hottest was in the Spain, up to +35°C, but gradually, temperatures up to +32°C appeared in central Europe, Balkan, almost +30°C in Scandinavia and up to +34°C in Greece.

Milder heatwave is however accompanied by extremely strong cold front, in many parts of France, northern Spain, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, northern Italy or Czechia (so far) with 24-hour precipitation amounts 20 – 50, regionally 50 – 100, or more than 100 mm, with risk of flash floods.

From the Spain, very strong hailstorms were reported.

The most dangerous manifestations of powerful cold front are in central Germany, southern and eastern Benelux, northern France, eastern Spain and regionally from Alpine region or Denmark, for now, but cold front will be continue to shift above central parts of the continent with the next severe storms, with risk of hails, severe winds, damaging lighting or floods from heavy rains.

Until Friday, 11. June, the strongest storms are expected during the first round already early next week in Alpine region (southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, SE France, Slovenia) and Italy and during the second round later during workweek in eastern and southern Balkan, where similar floods such as in Germany, France and the Spain should appear.

After described period, with ending heatwave in eastern parts of Europe and moving cold front from the west, the next heatwave is prepared for Europe, with peak already around 15. June 2021 and possible temperatures in Germany up to +35°C /the next article/.

If you live in western, central Europe, Italy or Balkan, watch current forecasts, because current cold front is thanks to quasi-stationary conditions very unpredictable and its arrival and the next persistence above region should be dangerous.

Source: European Severe Weather Database (eswd.eu)

Germany, France, the Spain:





Source: meteologix.com (Thursday – Saturday, 3.-5. June 2021)

Source: wxcharts.com
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