Hell in Spain: On Sunday hottest day of 2020 in Europe, +45,7°C

Even and even hotter day after day. Sunday, 2. August was in Europe again hotter than previous days and the hottest day of year 2020 arrived in time, when in continental Europe cold front is bringing a severe storms.

At 15:00, in Veléz-Murcia, was on Sunday measured hellish +45,7°C and in many places in south and southeast Iberia temperatures reached +40/+44°C.

Except of Lebanese an Syrian potential national records, all-time highs were during last week reached in Baghdad (+51,8°C), Damascus (+46,0°C), Madrid (+41,2°C - Wednesday, 29.7.2020) and London (+37,8°C - Friday, 31.7.2020).

Hot air from southern regions soon will return over Europe and during first half of August, could reach top summer maximum temperatures regions more easterly and northerly, in Central Europe.

Extremely hot air can in august hit in Spain, Italy and Greece again, with possible temperatures in Andalusia up to +46°C and Sicily and Sardinia up to +45°C. But overcome a record +45,7°C from Sunday will be hard.

Use this hot summer time for holidays, vacations, works at home and summer activities near water, and tell to your grandparents, that is needed to drink water more, cause elder people don´t feel thirst so much, altough organism is dehydrated.

Sunday´s maximum temperatures according to aemet.es /http://www.aemet.es/es/eltiempo/observacion/ultimosdatos?k=esp&w=1&datos=img/

regal palms pool

Illustration photos: https://sunshinevillaflorida.net; http://www.datsuncarsandparts.com/red-sunset-over-sea-in-clouds/

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