Historic snowfall in Alps: A big photogallery

In some parts of Alps has fallen already until Monday, 7. December, up to 3 meters of snow, with next additional snowing expected.

Extreme snowfall is bringing an arrival of robust part of polar vortex above Europe, with very dynamic situation in Genoa low region, with exceptional snowfall in southern Austria, southern Switzerland, northern Italy and Slovenia from Friday, 4. December until Tuesday, 8. December 2020.

Snow calamity is linked with many interventions of firefighters and even, testing of COVID-19 was in Austria in many regions interrupted.

According to International Exchange Site, 288 mm has fallen last 48 hours in Lienz, 277 mm in Sillian, 255 mm in Koetschach and 214 mm in Dellach in Drautal, Austria.

In Slovenia, 186,6 mm has fallen in Vogel and 172,7 mm in Ratece.

Italy reports around 200 mm in the Alps, Trento reports 171 mm / 48 hours.

Mkweather prepared a big photogallery from extreme blizzard in Alps, with really extreme character of some photos, when snowfall was higher than cars.

Additional snow cover is expected in wide Alpine region minimally until Thursday, 10. December 2020 and one Genoa low hits Alps before Christmas yet, therefore, Alps will have surely White Christmas.

In other parts of Europe, still anticyclonic - sunny or foggy Christmas are expected /https://mkweather.com/2020/12/06/forecast-for-christmas-2020-in-europe-anticyclonic-sunny-and-foggy-christmas-with-snow-in-basins-and-valleys//.

After Christmas 2020, possible NAO+, anticyclonic and warm weather should hit parts of Europe in New Year 2021 /https://mkweather.com/2020/11/24/winter-forecast-2020-2021-final-outlook// according to current predictions. Winter in its second half, however, should surprise.

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