Hurricane Grace hits Mexico: Category 2-3 in the next hours is expected!

Powerful Hurricane Grace has gone through all Caribbean and only before a few days, we didn´t know if it will hit Louisiana, Texas, or Mexico late this week.

Finally, stormtrack of the system was shifted southward, above Yucatan, Mexico, and then the eastern Mexican coast and we should watch now, how Hurricane Grace, is strengthening before arrival from Campeche Bay again above Mexico.

Forecasts for Friday, 20. August 2021, evening are expecting, that powerful 2 or 3 Category hurricane hits soon the coast, with a possible deadly and very damaging impact after a possible major hurricane shift above a land.

Severe floods after heavy rains and hurricane-force winds are forecasted not only for the eastern coast but too above central Mexico – the system is shifting westward.

According to all current predictions, Grace will be the strongest, and only one possible major hurricane of Atlantic hurricane season 2021, so far. In early July, Hurricane Elsa, Category 1, was making problems in the USA.

Approximately 80% of Atlantic hurricanes have appeared after 20. August since 1900, according to statistics.

From the Atlantic, Hurricane Henri is moving above Northeast, the USA, where are preparing for the next floods and severe winds, after remnants of Tropical storm Fred have shifted above the region /

Atlantic hurricane season 2021 is still forecasted to be above average and relatively good conditions should persist until cca 7. September (wet MJO) 2021, yet. Then, neutral MJO is forecasted above a sector of Caribbean and Northern Atlantic /

Source: NOAA
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