In Bándon, near Balaton in Hungary was measured -20,4°C !

Extreme winter hit “warm” Hungary, too and on Monday, 18. January 2021, minimum temperature overcame -20,0°C.

In Bándon, near Balaton Lake, minimum temperature dropped to -20,4°C. Not every winter in Hungary brings temperatures below -20°C, but it isn´t fully clear, if it was absolute peak of Winter 2020/2021, because next Siberian coldwave is not excluded, yet.

In neighboring Slovakia, -25,0°C, in Ukraine -30,0°C, in Austria -24,2°C, in Romania -23,2°C and in Serbia -16,0°C was measured during coldwave /

In Poland was during coldwave measured -27,8°C /, in Czechia -27,0°C /, in Latvia -31,0°C /, in Belarus -28,7°C, Lithuania -27,5°C, Estonia -25,1°C /, Greece -19,3°C /, Bulgaria -17,4°C and North Macedonia -15,6°C.

List of next records from Europe and Northern Hemisphere from abnormally strong Major SSW hemispheric event between 25.12.2020 and 15.1.2021 you should find on /


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