Slovakia -25,0°C, the strongest frosts since legendary 2017

Possible peak of Winter 2020/2021 in Slovakia brought temperatures up to -25,0°C (Rabča, Orava region and Skalité, Kysuce region) /the second peak of the winter is still possible/.

Localites, where temperatures dropped below -20°C were according to Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute:

Skalité -25,0 °C,Rabča a Novoť -24,9 °C,Turzovka -24,6 °C,Čadca -24,4 °C,Stránske -23,9 °C,Stará Bystrica -23,8 °C,Brvnište -23,4 °C,Oravská Polhora -23,3 °C,Červený Kláštor, Horný Vadičov, Oravská Lesná -23,2 °C,Liesek -23,1 °C,Huty -23,0 °C,Makov, Zázrivá -22,9 °C,Martin (Žabokreky) -22,5 °C,Zázrivá, Zuberec -22,4 °C,Osturňa -22,3 °C,Turčianska Štiavnička -22,2 °C,Oravské Veselé -22,0 °C,Turček -21,9 °C,Oravský Podzámok, Turčianske Teplice -21,6 °C,Kláštor pod Znievom -21,4 °C,Dolný Hričov, Párnica, Podolínec, Vrátna Dolina -21,1 °C,Ružomberok, Reľov -20,7 °C,Pružina -20,5 °C,Plaveč -20,4 °C,Vyšná Boca, Čierny Váh -20,3 °C,Podbanské -20,0 °C.

It is mainly station from Carpathian frost valleys and basins, but there are some cities such as Turzovka, Čadca, Martin, Turčianske Teplice, Podolínec and Ružomberok, too.

It was the coldest morning since legendary 2017 regionally. In 2017, temperature in Oravská Lesná dropped into -35,6°C, the lowest value since eighties.

In neighboring Poland was during coldwave measured -27,8°C /, in Czechia -27,0°C /, in Austria -24,2°C in Hungary -20,4°C and in Ukraine below -30°C. In Latvia was measured -31,0°C /, in Belarus -28,7°C, Lithuania -27,5°C, Estonia -25,1°C /, Romania -23,2°C, Greece -19,3°C /, Bulgaria -17,4°C, Serbia -16,0°C and North Macedonia -15,6°C.

List of next records from Europe and Northern Hemisphere from abnormally strong Major SSW hemispheric event between 25.12.2020 and 15.1.2021 you should find on /


Modelled minimum temperatures in Slovakia in Monday´s morning /Source: SHMU
Maximum temperatures in Slovakia on Monday, 18. Janaury 2021 /Source: SHMU

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